Stand Up Paddleboarding in Salida

If you’re unfamiliar with this exciting sport, imagine a cross between surfing and kayaking and you’ve almost got the idea.

Stand up paddleboarding (known as SUP) features wide boards resembling surfboards. Participants kneel or stand on the boards and use a long paddle to move and steer in the water. It’s relatively easy to learn on flat water, though it takes a little balance, core strength, and coordination. With practice, you can step-up from calm water SUP to some whitewater river paddles or even to some river “surfing.”

Rock Climbing in Chaffee County, Colorado

he Salida, Colorado area offers outdoor enthusiasts plenty of opportunities for rock climbing. Salida is located in Chaffee County and is home to more than a dozen mountain peaks that are 14,000 feet tall. If you are a beginner, you can visit one of the many outfitters to get you fitted for the right gear and take you on an escorted tour. There are also plenty of challenging climbs for experts if you wish to go it alone. This guide offers some of the top tours and climbing locations in Chaffee County. First let’s take a look at the three main types of climbing available in Chaffee County.

Hiking 14ers in Salida, CO

Colorado is home to more mountain peaks exceeding altitudes of 14,000 feet above sea level than any other state in the country. If you are new to hiking the Colorado Trail, Chaffee County and the Sawatch Range offer adventure for both beginners, as well as experienced hikers. There are over 15 mountains to choose from around the area including Mount Elbert, the highest point in Colorado and the second highest peak in the contiguous 48 states.

Golfing in Salida and Buena Vista

  Scenic Mountain Experiences Colorado features gorgeous outdoor golf courses, with views of snow-capped mountains and peaceful fields. There’s nothing like a round of golf in the fresh Colorado air for relaxation. From inspiring mountain views to traditional courses, the unique terrain and high elevation offer a variety of experiences. Enjoy the crisp air and …

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Wildlife Watching in the Arkansas Valley

The Arkansas Valley in Colorado is a wonderful destination for wildlife enthusiasts as it’s home to dozens of different types of animals, from birds and amphibians to mammals and reptiles. Visitors who are interested in doing some wildlife watching while they’re in Salida or Buena Vista likely won’t have to go too far to see …

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Winter Driving Tips

Thanks to Salida’s mild climate and valley location, severe winter weather driving conditions happen infrequently. But, it’s still a good idea to make sure you’re familiar with all the winter driving tips and techniques. This is especially true if you plan on heading up further into the mountains during your Salida vacation. A little bit …

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