Gift Ideas for Adventurers

Are you fresh out of gift ideas as the holidays approach? It happens to all of us, and we’re going to solve your problem. This holiday season will sparkle like a rare jewel when you dole out the gift of adventure to your nearest and dearest! Sounds good, right? But you probably are at a loss as to how to do it. Read on for terrific suggestions that will put enthusiastic smiles on the faces of those you care about!

Cat Skiing

If the term “cat skiing” brings to mind images of a tabby cat strapped to snow skis and barreling down a mountain, you need to learn more about this exhilarating sport! The name derives from the method used to get to backcountry ski trails with virgin powder: skiers make their way via snowcat, an enclosed cab, tracked vehicle that allows skiers to travel in relative warmth and comfort to the top of the mountain, with ample room for skiing equipment, as well as for food and beverages to refuel between runs. If you know an avid skier who is eager for the challenge of skiing extreme backcountry terrain with untouched, sometimes waist-deep powder, you have just found the perfect gift for them. Monarch Mountain in Salida, Colorado makes gift-giving easy with gift cards of various denominations, starting at $25.

White Water Rafting, Ziplining, and Horseback Riding

If somebody on your gift list prefers their water in liquid rather than solid form, and/or they enjoy warmer weather adventures such as ziplining and horseback riding, consider booking an excursion for them at Independent Whitewater in Salida. This local treasure is highly-rated and has been in business for 35 years, so you can rest secure in the knowledge that whoever is lucky enough to receive a booking or a gift card is going to have a fabulous time. They also rent equipment and offer shuttle rides, so it will be easy to get down to having fun without a lot of worries about logistics.

Dog Sledding

Perhaps you know somebody who enjoys being out in the crisp winter air, but isn’t quite so active as to be interested in the more physically challenging winter sports. If they are also a dog lover (and who isn’t), dog sledding is the perfect outing for such a person! They will meet the sled dogs, learn about “mushing,” and then sit in relative comfort while the dogs pull them through a national forest so they can view the unfolding winter wonderland without overexerting themselves. Sleds hold two to four people, so this gift is best if you know more than one person who would enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. Monarch Dog Sled Rides in Monarch, Colorado is a top-rated establishment that offers gift cards for those who call or email with an inquiry.


Many people enjoy the heart-thumping, adrenalin-surging sport of snowmobiling, and Monarch Snowmobile Tours in Monarch offers everything from snowmobile and ski packages, to guided snowmobile tours, to clothing rental so adventurers can be warm and snug without having to pack a lot of heavy winter clothing. Contact them to ask about gift cards, or if you prefer, simply book a package for that person on your gift list who loves the exhilaration of snowmobiling. Guests of Creekside Chalets in Salida get 10% off guided snowmobile tours at Monarch, so you might consider giving gift cards to stay at the chalet, as well.

Rock Climbing

For those who aren’t big fans of snow sports, rock climbing and rappelling makes a refreshing change that will challenge them without the white, powdery stuff. Noah’s Ark in Buena Park, Colorado offers half and full-day excursions that are appropriate for beginning and intermediate-level climbers, as well as packages that combine different adventures and include lunch. Contact them to inquire about gift cards, or go ahead and book a package for the lucky recipient.

Equipment Rental

Photo Courtesy of Mountain Sports Haus

To ensure that the recipients of your thoughtful gifts have the best time possible, you may want to also give them information about equipment rentals and clothing sales nearby, to make it easy for them to enjoy their time in the great outdoors without worrying about being adequately outfitted. Since 1976, Mountain Sports Haus in Salida has offered ski, snowboard, and snowblade rentals, ski clothing, and equipment sales, and ski tuning and repair. Their “Lowest Price Guarantee” means you and your family and friends can feel secure that they aren’t paying too much, which makes it much easier to relax and enjoy their holiday to the fullest.

Relaxation After the Adventure

After a full day of pushing themselves to the limit, adventurers might just love the chance to relax and pamper themselves. Creekside Chalets is partnered with Integrate Spa and features a 10% discount on all spa services exclusively to guests of the Chalets. To really get mind and body in touch with one another, there’s yoga at Yoga Olas, which offers $5 off drop-in classes to all guests of the Chalets. For those who seek a different way to unwind, there are numerous taverns and restaurants in the area, such as Victoria Tavern and Hattie’s.

The ultimate way to wind down after an exciting but exhausting day, of course, is to have a cozy and comfortable place to lay your head at night so you can awaken refreshed and recharged for the new day ahead. Creekside Chalets nestled amid the snow-crusted mountains of Salida and only a few miles from all of these great activities. Give a gift certificate for a stay at Creekside where guests will enjoy all the comforts of modern living (LED TVs, private hot tubs) while surrounded by rustic, unspoiled beauty. To book your chalet, contact us today.

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