Your Guide to Motorcycle Friendly Spots in Salida 

Considered one of the United States’ most picturesque locations, Salida is a buckets list destination for any motorcycle enthusiast. Meandering along the banks of the country’s most famous river, the trails in this region offer countless sweeping curves, breathtaking views of the mountainside, and dramatic scenery of the rugged and wild landscape. 

Icing your trip is a range of world-class accommodation facilities at Creekside Chalets, precisely situated close to major road networks and bikers’ trails. 

This guide covers the popular rides in this historical region and additional information to have a memorable trip. 

Which Are the Most Popular Rides in Salida?

It doesn’t matter the direction you choose, every road in Salida is an excellent motorbike road. One key advantage of staying at Creekside Chalets is that we’re situated close to some of Colorado’s most incredible biking trails.

All these locations let you explore flora and fauna, enjoy the state’s most breathtaking views, and venture into old mining towns. Let’s explore some of the most motorcycle-friendly sites in Salida.

Marshall Pass

Here are some quick facts about this pass:

  • Comprises a point-to-point trail
  • You can come with your dog, provided they’re on a leash
  • Both gravel and dirt road
  • A distance of 13.6 miles
  • Elevation of 2,585 feet

This sand and gravel pass is wide enough for a regular car during the offseason. At only 37 miles from Creekside Chalets, you can access it using a dirt bike or ATV during most seasons. While most bikers consider it less complicated, you should prepare for ripples and loose gravel breaks. Furthermore, you need a pair of functional boots during heavy rains since navigating most sections of this pass is challenging.

Although the conditions here can be frustrating, outdoor adventurers acknowledge that the beautiful landscape makes the adventure worthwhile. Notably, you must stay below the tree line throughout the trip. This might hinder you from enjoying some breathtaking views, but you’ll enjoy the local flora and fauna.

Front Side, Little Rattler, Tenderfoot Hill, and Spiral Trail

Check out these quick facts about this motorcycle-friendly spot in Salida:

  • You can bring your dog
  • It’s accessible throughout the year
  • The loop covers 8.1 miles
  • It’s only 12 miles from our accommodation facilities

This is an ideal spot for adventurers seeking a pretty trail of moderate difficulty and modest traffic. The conditions make it perfect for less experienced dirt bikers or groups that have kids along for rides. Notably, a river flows along sections of this trail.

At the summit of Tenderfoot Hill, you’ll find a staircase leading you to a small building. Here, you’ll enjoy an excellent view as you break and enjoy snacks. 

Arnold Gulch Road

Here are some quick facts about Arnold Gulch road:

  • 34.3-mile ride from Creekside Chalets
  • The stretch is two miles long
  • The terrain is mostly sandy
  • Comprises an ATV single-track road
  • Directly links you with the Arnold Gulch Area trail system

This brief trail stretch lets you access an excellent trail network that you can explore for days. The road is deemed a beginner’s trail ride, but you must prepare for deep sand requiring steady hands. However, these sections make the road ideal for dirt bikes and ATVs, and you’ll enjoy it without worrying about mountain bikers. 

Tin Cup Pass

  • A brief overview of Tin Cup Pass:
  • It’s child-friendly
  • An elevation gain of 12,000 feet
  • 13 miles, point-to-pint
  • It’s a great beginner trail once the snow melts
  • It’s 19.2 miles from your Creekside Chalet residence

If you enjoy beautiful landscapes, historical buildings, and off-road adventures, this place is for you. Tin Cup Pass is a high-elevation trail leading to Tin Cup, a small community comprising captivating historical buildings. It’s a great spot to shop and grab a bite before you hit the trails again.

Don’t be fooled by the warm weather. You need an additional layer of cloth in your gear to beat this pass. The elevation is around 12,000 feet and the region snows through early July. What’s more, the trail has a narrow stretch of rocky shelf road.

Hancock Pass

A few quick facts about the pass:

  • Part of this pass is rail grade, hence easily navigable
  • The second section comprises a steep trail, so you need skid plates
  • An elevation gain of 3,143 feet
  • You can bring your dog
  • Off-road, point-to-point route covering 14.2 miles
  • Located 44 miles from your accommodation

This trail is among the least frequently used, hence ideal for a family adventure. What’s more, off-roaders picnic around this area and enjoy photography sessions and swimming in the nearby river.

Notably, you’ll pass through various ghost towns. For instance, Hancock has virtually vanished, and only lovely flowers surrounding a few crumbled building foundations remain. You’ll also go through St. Elmo with its old mining buildings. Finally, you’ll pass through Allie belle Mine, a lovely abandoned piece of modern art. The perfect time to explore this spot is between May and September.

Motorcycle Riders’ Events in Salida

Salida hosts numerous bike events for enthusiasts. In these events, you’ll get to explore the region alongside all categories of off-highway automobiles. What’s more, you’ll participate in competitive activities while experiencing the rugged terrain, historical sites, and fall colors of this mountainous region.

There are two upcoming events for motorcycle adventurers: Salida bike Fest is scheduled for September 18th, 2021. There’s also the OHV Color Tour, which will be entering its 20th year. The event will take place between September 21st – 25th.

Other past events that have been held this year include:

  • X-roads Buena Vista (July 29th) – Rocky Mountain Dual Sports Adventure
  • Tailride Week (July 12th) – Single-Track Colorado
  • July 5th ADV Ride – Michael D Brown
  • Continental Divide Adventure (June 27th) – The Continental Divide Adventure Tour
  • Father’s Day Ride into the Alpine Tunnel (June 20th) – Michael D Brown
  • Spring Spanish Border Adventure ride (June 11th) –Spanish Border ADV Ride

Bike Rentals in Salida

You don’t need to carry your bike to enjoy an excellent motorcycle adventure here. The city is home to various bike rentals to access your preferred ride and the appropriate gear. The major rentals include:

Rocky Mountain Jeep Rentals (Anderson Motor Co.)

This rental has everything you need to get off-road beyond the beaten path and experience all this mountainous part of the world has to offer. They offer motorcycle rentals, dual-sport bikes, jeeps, 4X4, and pop-up camper rentals. 

American Adventure Expeditions

This company promises the best Colorado adventure. You’ll get a wide variety of bikers’ gear and tour guides. Apart from motorcycle adventure, they also offer all you need for whitewater rafting trips, mountain bike tours, and zip-lining over the rugged canyons.

All Season Adventures 

All Season Rentals also promise to make your visit worthwhile, offering all-terrain vehicles, ATV rentals, snowmobile rentals, and guided tours.

Tips for A Memorable and Safe Adventure

Your Salida motorcycle adventure helps you explore further into the backcountry than you can ever imagine. However, this privilege comes with the responsibility of safety and being considerate to the high alpine ecosystem, wildlife, and fellow biking and non-non biking adventurers.

That said, these tips will help you ensure a safe and enjoyable biking expedition in Salida.

  • Plan the trip
  • Have the right gear on
  • Ride safely
  • Follow road safety rules
  • Always stay on the trail
  • Use common sense

A memorable experience also goes hand in hand with suitable accommodation, and that’s precisely what you get at Creekside Chalets and Cabins. Nestled among picturesque landscapes, a stay here guarantees a memorable rejuvenating mountain holiday. So don’t hesitate to reach out.

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