Make Your 2023 New Years Resolution a Reality in Salida, CO 

Looking to celebrate 2024 and stick to your New Year’s Resolutions? A trip to Salida and Creekside Cabins lets you have fun and honor all of those good-for-you promises you’ve made to yourself.  No matter what your resolutions are this year, you can make them a reality with a trip to Chaffee County and the Colorado high country. 

New Year’s Resolution #1: Get in Shape! Living Healthy in the Mountain Town of Salida, CO 

skiing down a slope

If staying fit is on your resolution list, a winter vacation in Colorado makes it easy. Not only can you stick to your goals, you’ll have an amazing time doing it. It might be chilly, but there are still a lot of ways to be active and enjoy being outside. These beautiful mountains only get more magical during the winter! 

Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned pro, skiing and snowboarding at Monarch Mountain is a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy being outside in the mountain air. 

While skiing gets the heart pumping, skilled skiers and snowboarders looking for a little more activity might take a few laps in Mirkwood Basin. This area is still in bounds in the ski area but requires a hike to ski the bowls and glades. The hike takes most skiers 20 minutes or so and offers an incredible view of the surrounding areas. (Be aware that Mirkwood Basin is for skilled skiers and riders only). 

Another fun, active option at Monarch is their uphill travel pass. This lets guests snowshoe up the mountain (or ski for those with gravity defying backcountry skins). The ski area map shows the recommended uphill route. While travelling uphill at a ski area may sound crazy to some, for those looking to get their heart rate up it’s a great option. It can also be a fantastic way for non-skiiers to engage with their friends and family at the resort. 

If you’d like to snowshoe but aren’t interested in going uphill at Monarch, there are many trails around the area perfect for a winter hike. If you’re new to the sport, don’t worry–it’s accessible to almost anyone. If you can go on a walk in the woods in the summer and have some winter boots, you’re ready to roll for snowshoeing! 

Many of the best snowshoe trails are right up the road from Creekside Cabins. The access is simple, even if you don’t already own the gear. Salida Mountain Sports in downtown Salida rents snowshoes and has a knowledgeable staff. They would love to give some advice on the best trails in the area for the conditions. 

If staying fit and increasing your mindfulness practice is on your New Year Resolution list, Salida’s yoga studios can help you stay on track.  Both Yoga Olas and Tonic Healing Arts offer drop in classes and host a variety of classes. Between these two studios, you can find anything from a relaxing stretch to a vigorous workout.

Anupa Wellness in Salida helps locals and visitors stay healthy and hydrated. Their IV Hydration clinics are available by appointment or on a drop in basis. They also offer sound therapy, massage services and acupuncture sessions. Bonus: Creekside Chalet guests receive 20% off services! 

New Year’s Resolution #2–Eat Well: Your Salida, CO Guide to Healthy Eating 

So many of us use the new year to encourage a change in our eating habits. The great news is that, even if you’re trying to stay healthy, you can still have great experiences out at restaurants near Creekside Cabins and all around Salida. 

Amicas has been a local favorite for 20 years. Many flock there for the delicious wood-fired pizzas, but did you know that their salads are also incredible? Locals love the Ahi Scottato and the Vern’s Mountain Salad, but all the choices on the greener side of the menu are truly off the charts. Order one of these colorful beauties and your friends and family will be the ones with food envy. 

Located on Highway 50, Little Cambodia serves up authentic asian fare. This small shop is a labor of love for owner and chef Phanny Jones. Everything is made in house, from the Pho broth to the peanut sauce. The spring rolls are fresh and light and come in veggie, salmon or shrimp for vegetarians and pescatarians or anyone looking to eat light. The Bun Salad also makes a great healthy option. Hours are limited–they only serve 11am-7pm, Monday-Wednesday–but the food is worth it. 

If you’re brave enough to walk into a bakery to order a salad, Sweeties Sandwich Shop is worth a try. Their menu is HUGE (seriously) and filled with a generous selection of salads. Their incredibly extensive sandwich menu is also hiding a few healthy eating gems, but beware: there are some seriously tempting items that might threaten to pull you off your resolution. Like decadent sandwiches and delicious cookies. But the lighter options are delicious…you’ll just have to make it past the counter! 

New Year’s Resolution #3–Live More Sustainably: Shopping Second Hand and Consignment Stores in Salida, Co 

salida mountain sports

If you’re looking to lower your impact on the planet, but you’d still like to shop and get some solid finds, Salida is a great place to shop. While the town is more known for their great skiing, rafting and biking, it’s also a secondhand shopping mecca. 

When you think of that iconic store that always seems to have the coolest finds, you’re pretty much thinking about Ruby Blues. They’re even in the coolest spot in town–right on the corner of F Street and 1st Street in the center of downtown Salida. This store has goods for guys or gals and satisfies whether you’re looking for something vintage or designer. You never know what you’re going to find, but we’re willing to bet you’ll have a great time looking through this quirky, eclectic store. 

Free The Monkey in downtown Salida offers a great selection of consignment clothing and jewelry. They sell both mens and womens clothing and, if you’re a regular, you can bring in your own clothes to consign. The space is well organized and fitting rooms are spacious. They also consign art and a few decorative items. 

Julie’s Cubbie sits off Highway 50 near the south end of town, so you’ll need to go looking for it, but it’s worth the trek. Julie sells furniture and home goods and chooses only quality pieces. The shop is the perfect size to browse without feeling overwhelmed. Items are well maintained and don’t require the “hunting” you might find in a thrift store. 

If you like the hunt and the prices of a true thrift store, Caring and Sharing on 4th and G Streets is Salida’s OG spot to look for used treasures. This is exactly what you’d expect from a thrift store, with clothes, housewares and who knows how many miracle finds waiting for you in the racks. Caring and Sharing remodeled their space in the last few years, so if you’ve been before you might notice some much needed updates and changes. 

New Year’s Resolution #4: Enjoy Life! How to Have the Most Fun in Salida, CO

If you’re looking to have more fun in 2024, there’s no better place to start than here in Salida. There are so many ways to enjoy life here–from being outside to listening to music to seeking out adventure. It’s almost hard NOT to have a good time here! 

Whether snowmobiling is new to you or something you’ve tried before, the crew at Monarch Snowmobile Tours will hook you up with a great time. Their tours run from ½ day to full day, beginner to advanced. Participants over 15 can drive their own snowmobile, so it’s a great way to get the entire family in on the fun. This is a great way to cover a lot of ground, see beautiful sites and have a blast doing it. 

If your idea of fun is touring breweries and checking out distilleries, Salida has you covered. It’s easy to spend an entire day exploring the many breweries and distillery options available in town. These spots not only allow you to sample regional beers and cocktails, you’ll get a feel for the unique vibe of the area and maybe even meet of a few of the famously fun locals. Don’t forget the designated driver–Rocky Mountain Taxi helps you do it all and get home safely. 

If live music makes you smile, Salida is a great place to boogie down and have some fun. With multiple locations bringing live music to the people, you’re sure to find tunes that will soothe your soul. No matter what time of year you’re visiting, the local community radio station KHEN hosts a live music calendar–use it to find the right band for you! 

New Year’s Resolution #5–Get to the Mountains More: Book a Spot at Creekside Chalets 

No matter what your goals and dreams for 2024, we’re guessing that a trip to one of the beautiful, cozy cabins at Creekside Chalets will fit into the plan. Every cabin has a private hot tub and all guests are welcome to stroll and use the common spaces in our 10 acre space. Stroll the aspens, enjoy the bubbling creek and breathe fresh, crisp mountain air. We have one, two and three+ bedroom cabins, just in case you’d like to bring along the crew. We even have campsites right next to the creek. Nothing makes a summer camping dream come true like booking early!