Planning your Business Meeting in Salida, Colorado- Make Fun of Work!

Take your meeting on the road

The axiom a lot of us live by is to work hard and play hard.  But what if you could get away with doing both at the same time?  All too often, we find ourselves going to work, punching a clock, and working insane hours.  Most of our lives are eaten up in the drudgery that is the day in, day out toil of the same variety, in perpetuity.  Or so it seems. If you are planning a businesses meeting in Colorado, look no further than Creekside Chalets. 

According to a study by Fast Company, workplace interruptions cost the US economy $588 billion per year. Often employees routinely lose  40% – 60% of their day from interruptions. Taking employees out of their routine and into a different environment keeps the team focused and ready to contribute. Rather than holding together team loyalty and drive with t-shirts or swag, why not give your employees what they will value over all of these?  An experience. Bring your employees along for an adventure!

A Hidden Gem

Local favorites in Downtown Salida, CO.

Salida, CO is one of those places that can easily be considered a hidden gem.  Located a few hours away from the Denver Metro Area, just over the Continental Divide, Salida is situated near majestic 14ers, natural hot springs, and some of the best world-class skiing Colorado has to offer.  It’s no surprise that when it comes to location, Salida cannot be beaten.

Salida is a Mecca for outdoor enthusiasts.  It shares with Crested Butte the distinction of being the birthplace of mountain biking.  With such a wide variety of geological features, it is no wonder that many of the locals have been rock climbing almost as long as they have been able to walk. The area is a draw for all sorts of outdoor enthusiasts, as it rests at the northern end of the Sangre de Cristo mountains and some of the tallest mountains in Colorado, with the Sawatch Range to the west and Arkansas River Valley to the north.  Salida finds itself at the nexus of some prime real estate, with high mountain valleys, majestic mountains, and breathtaking canyons all within a short reach.

Make it Zip!

All sorts of adventure activities are within your grasp, from hiking to pack llama expeditions, Salida has much to offer.  Try a zip line tour with Captain Zipline and Lost Canyon Zipline Tour and Aerial park at Mt. Princeton, just a few minutes drive north.  Ziplines offer a perfect combination of adrenaline and teamwork that will safely draw your employees together as a team and have lots of fun in the process.

If adventure isn’t your gig you can take on the town. The Arkansas River runs right through the heart of downtown, offering a great place to get out and walk and take in the sights. With the turn of the last century architecture, downtown Salida is several blocks of shops, restaurants, bookstores, and a thriving nightlife.  What mountain town would be complete without distilleries, microbreweries, and a variety of different places to enjoy a meal? Salida has it all!

What can Creekside Chalets do for your business?

Whether it is an annual company retreat an off-site meeting or a teambuilding activity Creekside Chalets has the accommodations necessary for companies large or small.  With everything, you will need, from Wifi, to high-speed internet, and conference rooms, this mountain retreat is the perfect place for your next business outing. Location makes all the difference, and what better place than the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Within striking distance of world-class skiing and outdoor adventures, team building opportunities are abundant in the area.

Close enough to all the attractions that make Colorado one of the best places in the United States to be, yet far enough away from the congestion of the big city, Creekside Chalets is in that sweet spot many companies are looking for.  Flexible sleeping arrangements allow your staff to remain on the premises as a team, rather than being spread out all over Chaffee County! The convenience of location, as well as a chance to bring everyone together for a little rest and recreation, is sure to be a memorable and productive time for your company.  

While your team is enjoying the sights, sounds, and attractions of the area, they will be building comradery that will follow them into the workplace.  An experience such as this can be vital in boosting morale in a company. Contact Creekside Chalets to plan your next business retreat, workshop, or incentive trip. Let us be your guide for your next company excursion!


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