Snowmobiling to Madonna Mine in an Epic Winter Adventure

There isn’t anything in the world quite the same as the invigorating fresh air and historic landscape of central Colorado. The towering mountain peaks and great yawning valleys are strewn with powdery snow and wild trees. It is quite possibly one of the most ideal places for snowmobiling in the world. You get a genuine feel for the old west here. The historic landmarks that time has left behind to remind us of what the region was to people before us.

The Madonna Mine is one such site. Nestled among the mountains, the landmark makes a fantastic trip to immerse yourself in the wilderness and history of the area. Monarch Snowmobiling Tours & Rentals is the best shop for families and individuals looking to take a guided tour through this historic site. They’re also one of the most affordable and friendly snowmobile guide services in Colorado. Situated just below the Continental Divide, it’s the perfect destination for gearing up and immediately heading out for a great winter adventure among the snow-covered peaks. 

The Great Madonna Mine

The greater Monarch Mining District, situated on Monarch Ridge, hosts a wide array of mining sites. Some are abandoned, and some still run to this day. This place was once overrun with prospectors, each of them looking for that elusive vein of silver or gold that would make them rich. Of all the mines in the region, the Great Madonna Mine is one of the oldest, largest, and most interesting. It was once a major producer of iron ore, a famous spot for silver and gold, and a prize for several investors and companies that have come and gone. Today, it sits abandoned with much of its decaying infrastructure still looming over the valley. 

Being at the very edge of the Continental Divide, the Madonna Mine sits nearly 11,000 feet above sea level. Getting there is a journey through the rugged of mountainous terrains that Colorado is known for. Travel through the thickly forested slopes rising higher than almost anywhere else in the continental United States.

Photo courtesy of Monarch Snowmobiling Tours & Rentals

Preparing For Your Epic Journey

Snowmobiling in the mountains is a journey well worth the effort. There’s so much splendor to take in, and the journey is an adventure that rivals anything else the great outdoors could offer. Like any epic adventure, preparation is extremely important. Having the right plans, gear, and knowledge is essential for enjoying the experience to its fullest potential. 

Booking In Advance

Though Monarch is known to be a little flexible with its scheduling, availability for guided tours is still limited. If possible, try to book at least one to two weeks in advance. Guided tours are available in even the heaviest of weather. If for any reason you can’t make it on time, be sure to let them know as soon as possible. The staff are super friendly and will reschedule you if they can. For best results, be sure to have good transportation with you wherever you’re staying. There is no need for a shuttle to the launch point. You and your party can begin the journey immediately once you reach them even during heavy snowfall. 

Proper Clothing & Other Supplies

Of course, anyone familiar with winter sports or winter weather, in general, will know to bring the essentials. This includes a thick winter coat, boots, gloves, as well as a hat and scarf for good measure. Ski clothes work particularly well, but any sufficiently warm clothes are also fine. Sunscreen is also a good idea, particularly on sunny days when the snow reflects light back up at you. Finally, be sure to have a full water bottle, maybe a few granola bars and a camera available.

Choose The Right Package For Your Family

Snowmobiling trips are a great experience for families of all kinds. But it’s important to take the individual age and experience of everyone in your party into account. You must be at least 15 years of age to drive a machine on your own. Younger children will need to ride as passengers with someone older. In addition, passengers should generally be at least 5 years old. Younger passengers may be allowed, but this will require you to book a private trip with an additional charge. Guided tours are recommended. If you are an experienced snowmobiler, you have the option of heading out on your own directly from the shop. 

The Perfect Outdoor Vacation

Central Colorado is a truly amazing place with so much to offer. Anyone who appreciates nature and spending time among its most majestic scenery will enjoy this trip. Snowmobiling is a fantastic choice for taking in the environment, but there’s always something worth doing here no matter what. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, there’s never a bad time to stop by and enjoy the crisp mountain air. At Creekside Chalets, we love the landscape and its possibilities as much as anyone that comes to visit. Our eco-friendly rental properties in Salida are less than 30 minutes from the Monarch Snowmobile Tours shop. Feel free to contact us here with any questions or concerns and book your stay today!

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