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Holiday Shopping and Gift Giving in Salida, Colorado 

With Christmas and Haunakkah right around the corner, many of us have gift giving on our minds. If you’re looking to bring holiday joy to friends and family, there’s no better place to find the perfect present than downtown Salida. Not only do these locally owned businesses help you check that gift list, you’ll get to stroll this charming town and actually enjoy your holiday chores. Extra win: if you’re staying at the Creekside Chalets, all of this is a short drive from your cozy cabin.

The Ultimate Art Gallery Experience: Best Art Galleries in Salida

Salida, Colorado’s thriving art scene, includes galleries where visitors and art lovers will be thrilled to find unique art. Inspired by Colorado’s beauty and personal connection to nature, these collections are indeed one of a kind. From pottery and paintings to photography and sculpture, there are a variety of aesthetics to choose from. Take a look at our Ultimate Art Guide to Salida, Colorado, and bring a piece of your trip home.

Holiday Gift Guide Locally Made Goods in Salida

Salida has so much to offer, from the picturesque accommodations at Creekside Chalets to the friendly locals who make you feel right at home, you cannot help but visit again and again. When you come to visit and stay for the holidays in this beautiful area, you have the chance to experience the rich variety of locally made goods which are unique to the surrounding culture. You will discover some of the best products Colorado has to offer when you discover Salida.