Tips for Planning a Family Reunion Near Salida & Buena Vista Colorado

If you’re looking to plan a family reunion and want to turn it into a memorable vacation, the Salida and Buena Vista, CO area is a great spot. Each family is a little different when it comes to what they like to do, which is why it’s best to plan your event in a location that has a little something for everyone. You also want to make sure your destination is versatile and allows for planned activities both indoors and outdoors. From playing games to sharing tasty meals to lodging in style, your family reunion can be one event the family will remember for many years to come.

Especially if you’ve never planned a big event before, you might not know where to begin. Fortunately, Settings Event Rental is a great resource to help you get started with your planning. With plenty of rental options and information, they can help make planning your event easy and stress-free. In the meantime, let’s take a look at some great local events, family-friendly activities, and a few yummy restaurants your family is sure to love.

Schedule Family Outings

During your planning, you may want to consider scheduling a few fun family outings to local historical sights. Although there are several events designed for people of all ages, we’ve listed a couple of popular tourist spots you might enjoy.

Salida Walking Tours

Home to Colorado’s largest National Historic District, Salida offers walking tours with local guides who are knowledgeable and can provide you with lots of interesting facts and information about the area. During your tour, you’ll visit historic buildings, see beautiful scenery unlike any other, and hear amazing stories about the land and people from the past. Watch out, though. While you’re strolling through the charming downtown streets, you may even see a ghost!

Salida Museum

During your stay in Salida, you and the family simply cannot miss out on seeing the wonderful exhibits on display in the Salida Museum. With lots of history and tons of items to see, you will be amazed at how much you learn about the history of the area. The knowledgeable and friendly staff is happy to answer all your questions and tell you everything they know about mining and the old railroads that once were the town’s primary focus. You can even get an up-close view of some unique artifacts and treasures like the pocket watch from the 1800s that once belonged to the sheriff who lost his life during a shootout.

Plan Some Fun Activities

Whether your family consists of a small handful of people or you’ve got a crowd big enough to fill up an entire amusement park, providing plenty of entertainment and activities to keep everyone occupied and having a good time is the best way to ensure a successful reunion. Here, we’ve put together a few entertainment ideas you might want to consider.

Carnival Games

When it comes to creating a carnival-type setting, your options are virtually endless. You can go all out with clowns and concessions, or you can simply create a few games designed for family members of all ages. Either way, the goal is to have fun playing with your family.

Photo Slideshow

Set up a screen or use a plain white wall to show slides of your family members at various ages. To make it really special, you can even take lots of photos during the reunion, saving the slideshow for the end as a way to reflect on the great time you’ve had together.

Outdoor Movie Night

With an outdoor screen, you can easily create an outdoor movie theater. Rent some tents, and strategically place blankets and chairs to create a cozy atmosphere. Add some outdoor lighting to transform a typical evening into a starry movie night.

Find Some Great Places to Grab a Bite to Eat

Food is another key component that requires planning in advance and can really help add to the fond memories of your family reunion. Although you may provide food on your own, it can be fun to take the entire group out to a restaurant during their stay. Here are a few local favorites you won’t want to miss.

Patio Pancake Place: Amazing Breakfast All Year Long

Awarded “Best Breakfast in Salida” for several years in a row, Patio Pancake Place is a favorite among locals and tourists. Contrary to its name, Patio Pancake Place does not actually have a patio, but they do serve breakfast all day from 6 am to 2 pm, seven days a week.

Boathouse Cantina: A Summertime Favorite

An American and Baja style restaurant, Boathouse Cantina offers a vast menu selection that includes nachos, jalapeno poppers, and even buffalo wings to start off your meal. Entree choices range from burgers to tacos and burritos and more. In addition to their popularity due to the quality of their food and service, this Cantina is also a hot spot for events. Birthday parties, family reunions, and weddings are only a few types of events the Boathouse Cantina is happy to host.

Amica’s Pizza: Perfect for a Cold Winter Day

Offering a huge selection of pizza and craft beers, Amica’s Pizza is much more than an ordinary pizza parlor. With a menu that includes hot sandwiches and delicious salads, the food options are virtually endless. If you’re looking for a great slice of pizza while you’re in town, you’ll definitely want to visit Amica’s Pizza with your family.

When it comes to hosting your family reunion, the Salida and Buena Vista, CO area is an excellent choice. For more information about the area or for help finding the right accommodations for your family, contact us today.