Ultimate Guide to Spring Skiing in Salida

Spring is that bittersweet season when we say goodbye to winter and prepare for the best weather conditions of the year. Never fear! There is still plenty of excellent spring skiing in Salida for you to indulge. Spring is the time to share your enthusiasm with family and friends with common interests as you. However, you’ve got to know how to thrive in the spring conditions. Despite the predictable forecast of bluebird skies and soft snow, skiing in spring can be challenging. You want to avoid trouble, and this guide will help you enjoy the spring skiing experience. 

What to Expect

Photo Credit: Parker Seibold; The Gazette

Spring skiing is all about having fun, and you should expect to meet crowds. Don’t be surprised to see locals dressed in eye-catching costumes or outdated 80s ski gear. However, before you set out to the mountains to be there before everyone else, take your time. Don’t wake up with the birds to catch the first air and fresh powder. Instead, head to town for breakfast and allow the sun enough time to soften the snow. 

Soft snow makes it easy for the whole family to ski. If you prefer to ski at high speed, stick to snow-packed areas where the terrain is more firm. 

Covid-19 Restrictions 

About crowds, things have changed over the last several months, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. Local and state health officials have set rules that you must abide by for your wellbeing and the people around you. 

At Creekside Chalets, we would like to provide an environment that adheres to these guidelines. We will therefore adjust as the conditions demand to ensure you have the best experience and are safe. Our recommendations include:

  • Consider skiing Monday to Friday as the weekend tends to have an influx of people
  • Make your car comfortable for a picnic for added fun
  • Keep checking this site for the latest Covid-19 updates before your visit

Weather Conditions 

It’s also advisable that you check the weather conditions in the skiing area. While spring conditions are mostly warm and sunny, the weather patterns can sneak in a springtime snowstorm when least expected. Ensure you’re well-prepared before you set for the mountain. 

For the best experience while on the mountain, consider booking a ski guide. Guides are well-prepared to lead you around the mountain and are familiar with the snow conditions. Book an instructor who can show you the best skiing spots. They should also give you tips on how to navigate any terrain in any weather. 

Spring Ski Gear

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The changes in temperature during spring dictate the kind of clothes you should wear for your skiing activity. The season brings warmer temperatures, which makes skiing so enjoyable. Be sure to dress in breathable layers, and if possible, opt for ski pants, a jacket, and a helmet with vents. Choosing the appropriate clothing will help to cool you off under the sun’s warmth. 

Be on the lookout for the sticky spots on snow that form from melted slush. They’re common at the bottom of the mountain, near the lifts. Remember to wax your skis or board with warm weather wax to avoid any trouble in these spots. Waxing gives them the oomph to keep you grooving. Leave your powder skis at home since the snow during spring is more decadent. You’ll therefore do well with a board that allows you to carve in. 

Sunburn is not a reserve for beach vacations; remember to use your sunscreen. UV levels increase by 10-12% with every 3,000′ increase in altitude. Remember also to bring along a good pair of sun-friendly lenses, which may need to be different from your regular pair of goggles. 

On-Snow Fun Activities

Photo Credit: Monarch Ski

One of the best and memorable parts of spring skiing are the variety of activities available for you and your family. Monarch is always adding new activities for families to enjoy the spring snow days. 

Take a break from the slopes and have some fun at the Monarch tubing park! Tubing is the perfect activity for everyone in the family. Snow tubing is a fun recreational activity that involves simply letting gravity takes you for a ride down a slope while you ride on an inner tube. 

If you are looking to experience skiing in a new way try touring with a naturalist. Monarch Mountain and GARNA.org have partnered to bring guests this free experience. Every Friday through April! During the 45-minute ski tour, guests learn about the watershed, geology, heritage of the ski area, wildlife, forestry, sustainability at Monarch, and more!

Springtime Specialties

Creekside Spring Season Special

For a great time skiing in Colorado, don’t miss out on the specialties that Creekside Chalets has prepared for you. 

Monarch Season Pass 

With a season pass, you get to enjoy more activities without the need to give advance notice or make prior reservations. A season pass helps you make the most of your time on Monarch Mountain and enables you to make some decent savings. Grab the pass for yourself and show up ready for fun on the slopes!

Lodging Specials

As a Monarch Season Pass Holder, you’re in for a good treat. You’ll enjoy some excellent discounts on your accommodation and receive some guest perks from Monarch Mountain’s favorite businesses. These entail but are not limited to fire pit rentals, photography, walking tours, yoga, and snowmobile tours. What could make your skiing experience better than this? 

Are you ready to book your Monarch Mountain skiing vacation? Spring is the best time to escape your Covid-19-related stress and issues and experience the best side of life. Contact us today, and let us help you plan for a getaway in the mountains to help you savor the very best of spring.