What to Pack for Your Monarch Ski Vacation

One of the final steps you’ll need to take before actually going on your Monarch Mountain ski vacation is to make sure your bags are packed with all the necessities. But if you’ve never been to Salida, Colorado before, you might be wondering exactly what must-have items should be in your suitcase. To help get you started and to make the packing process just a bit easier for you, we’ve put together a quick guide on packing for your Monarch ski vacation and for your time off the slopes. Once you’ve got all these items packed, you can rest assured that you won’t be left wanting once you get into town.

Items to Pack for Skiing, Snowboarding, and Other Outdoor Activities

Whether you’ll be skiing, snowboarding, or participating in another outdoor activity (like snowshoeing), the name of the game is to stay both warm and dry. All of your outerwear should be waterproof, including your pants, jackets, socks, and gloves. The reason behind this is pretty simple: if any of your clothes get wet, they’ll stay wet, and you’ll get incredibly cold. So stay away from outerwear that’s made of materials like cotton or fleece so you can maximize your time on the slopes.

Underneath all those waterproof clothes, several layers of clothing are recommended. Not only will they work to keep you warm on cold days, but on warmer days, you can easily remove a layer to keep from getting overheated. Don’t forget a winter hat and other items like scarves or balaclavas, depending on your preferences and the weather. If you do opt to bring scarf, make sure it’s not so long as to get tangled around your legs or arms or otherwise impact your mobility.

You’ll also want to keep your eyes and skin protected while you’re on the slopes. Bring along goggles and sunglasses. (You’re sure to want sunglasses off the slopes, too.) Don’t forget to throw some sunscreen in your suitcase. The sun can be pretty strong in the mountains and sunlight will be reflected back on to you from the snow, which increases the chances that you’ll get sunburned on those bluebird days. Some SPF lip balm will go a long way in preventing chapped or sunburned lips as well.

Up at Monarch Mountain, the average daytime temperature during the winter is 28 degrees Fahrenheit. Factor that number into how many items of clothes you plan on bringing. Do you get cold easily or do you thrive in cooler temperatures? If this if your first time in the Colorado mountains, you might want to consider bringing extra pieces of clothing for layering until you can better gauge your comfort point on the mountain. One other thing to keep in mind – always check the weather forecast before your trip. Mountain weather can be fickle, so there’s always the chance that it will be unseasonably warm or cold during your vacation.

Last but not least, don’t forget to get all of your gear squared away. If you own your own gear, are planning on bringing it with you to Salida, and are flying in, you’ll just need to check with your airline beforehand to find out about any baggage fees and other requirements. If you would rather rent your gear once you get into town, you’ll find several rental shops in and around Salida. A couple of our favorites include the Mt. Shavano Ski and Snowboard Shop and Mountain Sports Haus.


Quick List of Items to Bring for Skiing/Snowboarding

Items to Pack for Your Down Time

Let’s be real – you won’t be spending every second of your vacation on the slopes or exploring the outdoors regardless of how much you want to. It’s very likely that you’ll spend at least some of your time exploring Salida. As with many Colorado mountain towns, Salida is pretty laid back. Just about everywhere, you’ll see that casual attire is the way to go. Unless you really love wearing suits, dresses, or other evening wear, you won’t need to worry about dressing up while you’re in town. Sweaters, hoodies, long sleeve shirts, and jeans are pretty much standard Colorado winter attire. Layers off the slopes are just as important as on the slopes when it comes to staying warm or keeping cool.

For footwear, opt for comfortable shoes with good tread. Should you come across any sidewalks or streets that are snowy or icy, that tread will be very helpful in preventing slips or falls. Waterproof shoes are always a bonus especially if you might be walking through snow or slush. Regarding outerwear, you won’t feel out of place if you decide to wear your ski/snowboard jacket in town. But you can always bring along another (the same goes with winter hats, scarves, mittens, or gloves) if you’re among the more style-minded.

If you’re staying with us at Creekside Chalets & Cabins – and we certainly hope you are – don’t forget to bring your swimsuit. Each of our cabins has its own private outdoor hot tub. There’s something especially wonderful about soaking in a hot tub on a cold night after a long day of outdoor adventures.

Quick List of Other Items to Bring

  • Jeans
  • Sweaters
  • Sweatshirts, Hoodies, or Long Sleeve Shirts That Can be Layered as Necessary
  • Warm, Thick Socks
  • Comfortable Shoes with Good Tread
  • Alternate Coat, Gloves, Winter Hat, or Scarf (If Desired)
  • Swimsuit
  • Sunglasses

In Case You Forget Something


It happens to us all – you’re sure you packed all the necessities, but when you arrive at your destination, they’re nowhere to be found. Should that happen to you, there are plenty of great stores in and around Salida where you can buy whatever it is you forgot. For both casual and outdoor apparel, we recommend Salida Mountain Sports. They have a great selection of clothing for men, women, and children. Ladies, should you find yourself in need (or want) of some new clothing or accessories upon your arrival in Salida, head to Opal Boutique. Located at 128 F Street, they sell fun and unique items that appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

Have You Booked Your Monarch Lodging?


If you haven’t booked lodging for your next Monarch ski vacation, now’s the time! The ski resort will be open before you know it. We’ve got some lovely one- to three-bedroom cabins that are great for family and friends alike. Feel free to take a look at our selection of cabins and check availability. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (719) 539-6053. We’re looking forward to another great ski season!

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